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Medicate Yourself With Style

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IMG00164-20090918-2336If you are looking to make a statement with your medical accessories, you may want to look into this line of “Help Remedies” by Adam Winski and Richard Fine.  The three varieties available contain acetaminophen tablets for headaches, dramamine for sleep, and bandages for cuts, all of which are packaged in these stylish recyclable materials.

I caught these on display at Moss in the Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. You could go there for the superb tapas and liquid nitrogen caipirinhas or just some headache medicine.


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Dying In The Pursuit of Sculpted Abs

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hydroxycut20hc-mt1Fuckin’ hardcore bro!

According to the FDA, Hydroxycut is so hardcore it kills.  14 of the brand’s products have been recalled after one reported death and 23 reports of liver problems.

Dudes, the human liver is not supposed to withstand Hydroxycut plus Jagerbombs. Chug all the Muscle Milk, man milk, or whatever you please, but put the Hydroxycut down.


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Face Off 2: Monkey Bars

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There is a certain responsibility that goes along with owning a pet. When that pet is a 200 lb. chimpanzee named Travis, you should probably take that responsibility very seriously. Travis’ owner decided to serve him some Xanax laced tea, and what did she get in return? Her friend’s face ripped off.


He does not look friendly, but honestly, how would you really know if Travis is experiencing anxiety issues.  Even worse, Travis probably woke up the next morning not remembering a single thing, because he was shot dead by police. Poor Travis.


[via Ash $. Fiscal]