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Throwbows Thursday

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The Original Superman

On Tuesday night Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard lost his cool and threw an elbow, earning him a one game suspension. He will be sorely missed when his teammates try to finish off the Sixers tonight in Philly. This situation got me thinking a few things…

Shaq looked good in a pinstriped Magic uni, but especially in black.
Jerseys nowadays are just too form-fitted.
Why hasn’t more been made of Dwight Howard’s hijacking of the Superman nickname?
Dude can fly, but Shaq was untouchable in his prime.
At least when Shaq lost his cool, he had enough sense to whiff…hard.

Let’s talk real throwbacks for a moment…

POD007877012Whereas the Orlando Magic have only been around for 20 years, their playoff opponents, the Philadelphia 76ers, are the oldest franchise in the NBA. This picture just does it for me. Wilt and Bill, two of the all time greats going at it, clean unis, color photo, long socks and short shorts. The NBA doesn’t get much better than this.

Once again we have a case of a relocated franchise. Even the Sixers are not originally from the city in which they currently reside.


"We talking about practice."

You guessed it. The Syracuse Nationals were the original team name and location for the Sixers.

Iverson held it down in Philly for good while, sporting all types of looks, but this is a favorite…

nba_g_jordan_iverson_580Jordan is stealing show in the battle of 90s uniforms here. I gotta say, there is something about pinstripes on the dark uniforms, more teams need to try it.

That should do it for Round 1. Throwback Thursdays will return next week for some Round 2 action.


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Too Many Throwbacks

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I didn’t even remember the Cavs had this uniform. In the NBA’s eyes, you can never have too many alternate uniforms for the league’s most popular player. More jerseys for fans to buy. More money in the Association’s pockets.

lebron-fruity-pebbles-2Everyone remembers these ones from a certain series that the Cavs rather not remember.

cavsThese jerseys are dope. Facemask not included.


Greatest Of All Time

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Need I say more?

I could use a lot more of the “Chicago” cursive script in my life.

Most people view Jordan’s move to DC as a sad day in NBA history, but the silver lining was the chance to see his Royal Airness in the following getup…


Not bad MJ, but I gotta go with Wes (eerily reminiscent of a Bulls jersey here) for this ensemble.



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Throwing It Down Thursdays

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After watching the Slam Dunk Competition this past weekend, I felt the need to see some of the classic dunk-offs from the 80s. Needless to say, there were some great looking uniforms back then, and dunks too.  I initially wanted to highlight the Indiana Pacers’ 1986 away jersey, but then I stumbled across this beauty…

86-slam-dunkThat’s the 1986 Slam Dunk Competition field. Ya boy Spud Webb took home the hardware that year. However, it’s Terence Stansbury’s uni (far left), that I am more concerned with. So fresh.

Don’t remember Terence Stansbury? A little something called the “Statue of Liberty” may refresh your memory. Here is Stansbury, donning a Seattle Supersonics uni, in the 1987 Slam Dunk Competition…


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Jordans 11/12. I Missed it. Boo My Life.

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Yes, I played ball. Yes, I missed it. I slept 2 days and I missed it. Jordans XI & XII. Arguably the most sexual of the Jordan collection. Just released the collection pack 2 days ago. Dig around maybe you can drop double the amount and snag them. Boo my life.