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Happy 64th Birthday, You Stud Muffin

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Always dressed to impressed, Phil doesn't have to look happy to look good.

Always dressed to impress, Phil doesn't have to look happy to look good.

Why so serious? Cheer up man, it’s your 64th birthday. Don’t be a sourpuss about getting old like your boy Michael Jordan. At least your still pulling in championships.


Straight outta Deer Lodge, Montana son!

Rocksoft has already professed its love for Phil Jackson, but the dude deserves recognition on his 64th. So blaze one up Phil, you got as many rings as you do fingers. Be proud.


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Which Would Have Been More Terrifying?

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Despite the Laker logo that’s still noticeable on Kobe’s shorts, these images still cause thousands to lose sleep at night.


Do You Believe in Magic?

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magic johnsonYour name might be the Magic, but the real Magic resides in Los Angeles.

Tonight the NBA Finals begin and the Lakers face an unlikely, yet formidable, opponent in the Orlando Magic.

The two franchises are most commonly linked by the fact the Shaquille O’Neal played for both teams. Another link being Orlando’s team name and the name of the greatest Laker of all time. But this association is the first that comes to most people’s minds…

Bobcats Magic BasketballThe Lakers’ 12th man vs. the Magic’s most unreliable 3-point shooter immortalized by this moment of athletic intimacy.

Not only do the Lakers have the Magic on their side, they got Adam Morrison.

Things are looking up.


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Winter in America

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It has been pretty cold lately in America. I know many who might read this live in Los Angeles, not Duluth, MN (avg temp in Jan. was -5 degrees Fahrenheit), so I offer this analogy: Imagine instead of averaging 28 ppg, Kobe averaged -28 ppg. Then walk outside and visualize being confronted by the howling winds of Kobe’s merciless mirror scoring average. This may help you envisage the walk to get your morning paper in Duluth, only to read that the Timberwolves were again spanked by the Lakers.

Yes, it is truly Winter in America. Clearly, Gil Scott has been on top of this second Ice Age thing for decades (dude was born April 1, 1949 but he ain’t no fool). If the idea that we are entering a second Ice Age is preposterous to you, just try to make sense of this cluster-fuck nutjob site (you’d think at least one internet wacko would understand the presentation=credibility equation). Just be on the lookout is all, because this could happen at any moment:

Here’s a good out-of-context line from a Globe article I read on the subject: “Latin Americans weren’t the only ones shivering.”

And why would they be? Racialist.