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Keep Throwing It Thursdays

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jacory11That’s what you need to do. Just keep throwing it.

If you don’t know this stud by now, meet Jacory Harris. He’s the sophomore starting quarterback for the University of Miami and he has received a ton of media coverage in the last two weeks.

The kid really had not made it to superstar status, until now. Not only has he made it on to this wonderfully photoshopped cover of NCAA 10, but Rocksoft has taken notice as well.

We wanted to feature a college quarterback from the state of Florida this Thursday and, in all honesty, we could not justify writing anything about that other guy.



That dude is just boring and lame and weird…and awkward. Actually, fuck Tim Tebow.

Yes, you need to produce on the field, but you also need to be a real human being off the field. Like a normal, college human being.

That’s why Jacory Harris is the man. Whether he remains in the Heisman talks this year, or makes a real run for the Trophy next year, the kid is a likeable real dude, and he’s producing on the field.

Plus, the kid’s got style. 


Keep on throwing Jacory.


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Student Kills Intruder With Sick Samurai Combo Fatality

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20090318-ninjagaiden2kzThose countless hours of Ninja Gaiden finally paid off for one serious gamer.

Here is a rule of thumb for thieves, don’t break into a residence of some college kid who owns a sword and wants to put it to real-life use. One burglar disregarded this rule and got his ass shanked to death.

This once again proves that it is truly impossible to defend against the Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Select, Start combo move.


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Bootlegging Then Upgrading

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Oh what’s up, LSU? Not looking to intimidating there. Kind of looks like your Bayou Bengal was made by a 3rd grader using Kid Pix.

If you’re looking for intimidation in a university logo, look no farther than the Ohio Valley Conference…


Yeah man, yeah! These Tigers are totally gonna kick some ass!

Tennesssee State son. Taking a logo, bootleg then upgrade.

Too bad the results aren’t reflected on the field.

Still gotta give LSU it’s props. Those Tigers can shred on the brass…



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Card Shop VIII: ThrowSapp Thursday

Posted in Card Shop, Sports, Throwback Thursdays with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 26, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego

sappcanesThe dude was pretty fit back in those days. He actually saw some action at punter in high school. Back then he also delivered Johnny Damon his first concussion, but not his last.

Sapp had an uncanny ability to make any uniform look fresh…

sappbucsEven if the uni was already fresh…

20061224-raidersUnfortunately he was not able to maintain that slim figure throughout his pro career. He probably took too many pointers from the diet of Ted Washington. You know, snacking on QBs and what not.

We still love you Warren.