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Happy 64th Birthday, You Stud Muffin

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Always dressed to impressed, Phil doesn't have to look happy to look good.

Always dressed to impress, Phil doesn't have to look happy to look good.

Why so serious? Cheer up man, it’s your 64th birthday. Don’t be a sourpuss about getting old like your boy Michael Jordan. At least your still pulling in championships.


Straight outta Deer Lodge, Montana son!

Rocksoft has already professed its love for Phil Jackson, but the dude deserves recognition on his 64th. So blaze one up Phil, you got as many rings as you do fingers. Be proud.


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Which Would Have Been More Terrifying?

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Despite the Laker logo that’s still noticeable on Kobe’s shorts, these images still cause thousands to lose sleep at night.


Do You Believe in Magic?

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magic johnsonYour name might be the Magic, but the real Magic resides in Los Angeles.

Tonight the NBA Finals begin and the Lakers face an unlikely, yet formidable, opponent in the Orlando Magic.

The two franchises are most commonly linked by the fact the Shaquille O’Neal played for both teams. Another link being Orlando’s team name and the name of the greatest Laker of all time. But this association is the first that comes to most people’s minds…

Bobcats Magic BasketballThe Lakers’ 12th man vs. the Magic’s most unreliable 3-point shooter immortalized by this moment of athletic intimacy.

Not only do the Lakers have the Magic on their side, they got Adam Morrison.

Things are looking up.


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Throwbows Thursday

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The Original Superman

On Tuesday night Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard lost his cool and threw an elbow, earning him a one game suspension. He will be sorely missed when his teammates try to finish off the Sixers tonight in Philly. This situation got me thinking a few things…

Shaq looked good in a pinstriped Magic uni, but especially in black.
Jerseys nowadays are just too form-fitted.
Why hasn’t more been made of Dwight Howard’s hijacking of the Superman nickname?
Dude can fly, but Shaq was untouchable in his prime.
At least when Shaq lost his cool, he had enough sense to whiff…hard.

Let’s talk real throwbacks for a moment…

POD007877012Whereas the Orlando Magic have only been around for 20 years, their playoff opponents, the Philadelphia 76ers, are the oldest franchise in the NBA. This picture just does it for me. Wilt and Bill, two of the all time greats going at it, clean unis, color photo, long socks and short shorts. The NBA doesn’t get much better than this.

Once again we have a case of a relocated franchise. Even the Sixers are not originally from the city in which they currently reside.


"We talking about practice."

You guessed it. The Syracuse Nationals were the original team name and location for the Sixers.

Iverson held it down in Philly for good while, sporting all types of looks, but this is a favorite…

nba_g_jordan_iverson_580Jordan is stealing show in the battle of 90s uniforms here. I gotta say, there is something about pinstripes on the dark uniforms, more teams need to try it.

That should do it for Round 1. Throwback Thursdays will return next week for some Round 2 action.


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Clyde vs. The Glide

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The Blazers and Rockets square off in Game 3 of their first round series on Friday night.

Both teams were lucky enough to have Clyde “The Glide” Drexler on their rosters at some point.

You already know my appreciation for a certain style Rockets uniform, but the Blazers had their share of dope unis too.

Just remember, it’s not always pretty.

Here’s a quick refresher as to why they called Clyde “The Glide”…


Dead Heat

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Hawks Heat Basketball

Mario Chalmers, pictured left, struggling so tough. Knowing his love for tender greens, Monday couldn't come fast enough.

Last night, the Miami Heat played their first game of the 2009 postseason against the Atlanta Hawks. In anticipation of their stay in Atlanta, and knowing the potential for extracurricular activities, captains Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem, proclaimed that there will be no partying and a curfew would be put in place. 

Instead of getting smashed out on the streets of Atlanta, the Heat basketball team decided to get crushed inside Philips Arena by the hometown Hawks.

This “no-going-out” policy yielded a 90-64 loss for the Heat, a playoff record low for the Miami boys, including a total of 7 points in the fourth quarter.

So tune in for Game 2 on Wednesday night where the Heat plan on employing the opposite tactic and will play the game completely sloshfaced.


Throwback Thursdays: Playoff Edition (Part 1)

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The first round of the NBA playoffs are set, so let’s pay tribute to the origins of some of the franchises that will be facing off.

We have a classic matchup of teams whose decision not to change their team names upon relocation made the least sense, leading to countless questions regarding why these teams have these names…


The New Orleans Jazz was founded in 1974 and their greatest player when located down South was LSU product “Pistol” Pete Maravich. So bomb he even got the nickname on the back.

mp_main_wide_mplslakers1950_452These fucking guys. The historic Laker franchise did not start out in Los Angeles, nor did it start in Minneapolis, but in Detroit of all places, as the Gems. The Laker name was adopted in 1946 upon relocation to the Twin Cities, and that’s when these guys started raking in titles.

1950_marchGeorge Mikan. Dude balled. Represented number 99 so tough. Straight dressed for Algebra class, but got it done. You own his rookie card? Then you got quite the asset on your hands.

These franchises eventually got with the times and moved out West. The Lakers were lucky enough to get West too.