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And Cue The Chewbacca Yell…Now

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 24, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego

article-1215762-068E6196000005DC-457_634x425“Bro, shut the eff up. I’m trying to…nevermind.”

FYI, the baby on the left is normal-sized. I’m not trying to be weightialist, but the newborn on the right is 19.2 pounds. That seems a little steep.

Word on the streets of Indonesia is that this man-baby is for real. I know one Boston Celtic that will be in need of a new nickname.

The baby is now comfortably situated in a North Sumatran hospital feasting on a diet of smaller babies and cheesecake puree.


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Child Has Child

Posted in News, Rated R with tags , , , , , , on February 13, 2009 by Jennesis

If you think it’s fucked up that a crazy, unfit, single mother of 6 just had 8 kids, then you haven’t heard of Alfie Patten. Alfie, a 13 year-old boy from the UK, stands at 4ft, has not yet completed all of the stages of puberity, and just had a child. Alfie and his girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman (15-years-old) decided NOT to get an abortion. Chantelle and the newborn baby were released from hospital yesterday. They are living with Chantelle’s jobless dad Steve, 43, and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne. The family lives on benefits. Maybe this story doesn’t sound THAT fucked up. Maybe lots of 13 year-old boys impregnate their girlfriends, but this 13-yr old looks like he’s 7! It’s disturbing to see the pictures and even more disturbing to read his quotes,“I thought it would be good to have a baby. I didn’t think about how we would afford it.” Obviously, little Alfie doesn’t actually know what it means to THINK.