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Yea, so I followed you home. Date me?

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New video directed by Shia Lebeouf for the Cage song “I Never Knew You.”

Two things to say here…

(1) Someone needs to incorporate the art of stalking the opposite sex into a reality show, and this video is proof. I mean how real is this shit? I’m hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to see what his next move is, or if she’ll catch him hiding behind that column. As a guy who falls in love with girls on the subway on a daily basis – and I’m for sure not alone here – I propose someone monetizes this form of creepy voyeur entertainment. No way it could ever get creepier than millions of people tuning in to see what Senator Pratt is gonna do next.

(2) Shia Lebeouf might be onto something with this directing thing. His video for Rumspringa’s “Mind’s Awake” was solid and quirky in its own way, and now we can see what he’s capable of with a real budget and a plan.

Blink, and you might miss cameos by Aesop Rock and El-P…


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Happy Birthday Earth Day

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New Music Video: French Kicks – Abandon

Posted in Music, Music Videos, Video with tags , , on April 21, 2009 by Z TRAIN

This is a music video for the band the French Kicks. My buddy Austin made it and I think it’s dope. The song and the video this time. Enjoy!

Watch it in HD or HQ!!

the people on youtube however, not big fans!!


Improper Propaganda

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Apparently this video is pretty old, but I had the pleasure of viewing it last week when I showed up early for the biggest head-scratcher movie of 2009, Adventureland.

Now I’ve always kept an eye on military advertising – my hat’s off to the Go Army commercials for sucking low-income minorities in to their game of mortal teatherball. They usually create legitimate advertisements that are appealing and clever, that feel patriotic and heroic. At the end of the day, we need an army, and the army needs to recruit people, so within boundaries, these ads are fine with me.

But this particular National Guard ad is sickening for several reasons, principally the way it’s disguised as your average shitty Kid Rock music video (emphasis on the SHITTY – Jesus Christ almighty in the name of the day after Easter – I couldn’t have come up with a more terrible song if I tried), oh and with Dale Jr. cameos here and there.

Don’t get me wrong: Kid Rock is the perfect spokesman for this ad. Ever since Vanilla Ice jacked his original style, Kid found he could make more money by convincing hicks they were hardcore than trying to speak for suburban white hip-hop kids (guilty as charged).

It just feels… I donno… sleazy? I guess I’d just appreciate more honesty from our military’s advertisers. If cigarette advertisers have to display on all their material “this product will kill you,” why doesn’t the army?


Cover Art XI: Deathiversary

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Alice In Chains’ 1999 release “Nothing Safe

az_1809_nothing-safe-the-best-of-the-box-enhanced-cd_alice-in-chainsShit’s intense, right?

It caught my eye. Also caught my ear.

It is not your typical greatest hits album, but it sure as hell is a great one.

The cover art is just as eerie as the music found inside.

Today is the 7th anniversary of Alice In Chains’ frontman Layne Staley’s death. Another damn shame in music.

I have had this one stuck in my head for a good while now, solid vocal harmonization…


Two-Track Tuesday

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Two tracks this Rocksofter is feeling today…

1. Chairlift – “Evident Utensil.” This has got to be the most annoying fucking video ever made though.

2. Peter Bjorn and John – “Nothing to Worry About” Troublemaker Remix featuring U-N-I and the 87 Stick Up Kids.  The original is also very worthwhile.


I Like My Coffee How I Like My Metal…Black and Death

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Duncan Hills uses only the finest beans from the hills of Columbia.

Prepare for ultimate flavor…and death.