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We be Chillin at the Holidayyyy Inn

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Here is the video for the timeless rap song Holiday Inn by Chingy ft Snoop and Ludacris…. Need i say more

Rimz still spinning….

I actually like this video

Positive parts

Snoop Dogg as the bus boy

That red back drop that says Jackpot on it, looks dope

This rhyme by Chingy….

“There’s three girls on the elevator like “wassup”
I told em follow me they knew I had it cracking B
One said “ain’t you that boy that be on BET?”
“Ya that’s me, Ching-a-ling equipped wit much ding-a-ling”
Knock on the door I’m on the scene of things
Busted in, Henny bottle to the face!” (If you were staying at a holiday Inn and you are on BET “all very hypothetical” what type of skanky bogans are you picking up in the elevator.)

Chingy’s voice and his fits are siiick

The Brady Bunch effect of them telling all the bitties about the party at the Holiday Inn

Also the flashing lights in the hallway

Things that are off

If you are paying attention, but really who is, Ludacris’s rap has nothing to do with the theme of the song until the last line.

No Holiday Inn has ever looked like that hotel room they have

Why do they go to the Jamaican Beach shack party hut? That is not at the Holiday Inns I have been to.

Also that we miss this part of the song at the end… rapped by Snoop

“Luda, Luda, going hard on you hoes
Yeah bitch, bring four of ya friends
Meet me at the Holiday Inn
Bring a gang of that Hen, some VSOP
Oh wee, and light that sticky icky
And we gone do the damn thing
Now what I’m talking bout
We gon’ disturb the peace right now
Yeah we ain’t doing nothing but chillin
We chillin’ and nuttin’
Know what I’m talking bout, so push the button
You know what’s happenin’, fa shizzle, uh huh
Yeah bitch, trying to run from this pimpin’
You can’t out run the pimpin’ bitch, I done told you”

Man that’s tight


P.S this song may or may not influenced me to throw a hotel room party.


I Spy Video: Robert “Bobby” Barisford Brown

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Barisford has to be one of the cooler middle names I’ve heard. I’m gonna pocket that one.

Today’s I Spy Video comes from the one and only Bobby Brown…

0:24 – It must be great to be Bobby. Not only do you know plane schedules by heart, but rolexes appear next to your remote even when clearly not there 13 seconds earlier.
0:32 – Don’t take my word for it, but if you called a white girl “thickness” I think you’d get your dick bit.
0:46 – I think I know what that something is… of course, it could be a giant crack rock.
1:03 – Ok, maybe it’s a 1988 thing, but he just took a blindfold off of a statue. Ok.
1:41 – Why is he benchpressing at midnight? Is he that self-conscious?
2:41 – WOAH. A 5-CD changer in 1988??? I wonder if he had an iPod secretly stashed somewhere too.
3:04 – Rose-colored blazer with hammer pants … I have a lot to learn about love-making.
3:12 – That explains the inspiration for this.
3:33 – DAMN. He just pulled a full house, Kings full of Aces. Jesus Christ, I’m not worthy..
3:40 – That butler is miserable. How couldn’t he be? Bobby-boy must make him feel inadequate on a daily basis.
4:30 – I guess the bubble background deserves a mention for all the effort it put into the success of this video.


I Spy Video: Men At Work

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In this new Rocksoft series we will highlight forgotten music videos along with a running account of I Spy items in the video that make it special. It’s a blog-adapted tribute of sorts to the greatest music video show of all time, Pop Up Video (that’s literally – criminally – the only Pop-Up Video I could find on YouTube).

Not sure how this is gonna work out, but feel free to join in the fun in the comments.

We debut the madness with one of the more charming videos I’ve seen recently, and one which I couldn’t stop watching for a two-day period in January… that’s right folkz it’s Men At Work with the saxophone-laden “Who Can It Be Now.”

0:18 – Silver spandex was all the rage in 1981 Australia, trust me.
0:40 – Is that a fake fire?? This is possibly the creepiest apartment I’ve ever seen.
0:52 – Zoom-in on white door with synchronized saxophone for dramatic effect HOT.
1:08 – Puffed Wheats cereal box getting whammied by awesome ‘startled’ move.
1:19 – What appears to be a glass eye (but in the next cut it’s mysteriously fixed)
1:38 – This peephole is strangely shaped and has impressive distance.
2:08 – Magenta concert time!
2:22 – Why are we still watching the sax player?
2:42 – Ahhh glass eye again!!