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Card Shop IX: Playoff Edition

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chauncy-billiupsYes to all of you common sports fans Chauncey Billups was a Boston Celtic. He was taken 3rd overall out of Colorado in the 1997 draft. This was the year the Celtics had the worst record in the league and held another lottery pick, it looked like Tim Duncan was headed to Boston. But those damn ping balls bounced the wrong way and the Celts got pics three and six. Duncan went one to the Spurs, the 76ers got Keith Van Horn(traded to New Jersey that day) and the Celtics took Billups. The ended up taking the legendary Kentucky Wildcat Ron Mercer at 6. Other notable picks that year was T-Mac at nine to Toront but other then Chauncey, Duncan and T-Mac there are no other starters from that 97 draft. In the middle of the 97-98 seasons the Celts sent Chauncey packing to Toronto, for the great Kenny Anderson. And we got to have this great clip for all eternity.

That never gets old.


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Card Shop VIII: ThrowSapp Thursday

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sappcanesThe dude was pretty fit back in those days. He actually saw some action at punter in high school. Back then he also delivered Johnny Damon his first concussion, but not his last.

Sapp had an uncanny ability to make any uniform look fresh…

sappbucsEven if the uni was already fresh…

20061224-raidersUnfortunately he was not able to maintain that slim figure throughout his pro career. He probably took too many pointers from the diet of Ted Washington. You know, snacking on QBs and what not.

We still love you Warren.


Card Shop VII: Once Sexy, Always Sexy

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Phil Jackson has been a man of many looks…


but one thing has remained constant…the dude is sexy.

Call it a man crush, but I envy that ‘stache so hard.

His facial hair has seen many manifestations, but unfortunately he and sidekick Kurt Rambis ditched the ‘staches this season.

Maybe one day I will be able meet this living legend with ‘stache in tow. Anything can happen, he’s been known to engage in the occassional bromance.


Card Shop VI: Oh HR

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Oh HR how have changed in 22 years….

Check out how pinner and useless this baseball card is… 

sc006a5e3eAll we know is how Harold did in the 87 all star game in 3 at bats… and also that he hit a cool .200 in 1986 so him hitting his career high of .270 doesn’t seem like such a feat.  Overall a very useless baseball card… I did however learn that he is from Oregon… Would not have guessed that.


Card Shop V: Say It Ain’t So, ‘fro

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The MLB requires that you wear a cap when playing. Sometimes that leads to hat hair… 


It looks suffocating. Come on Oscar, unleash the beast.


Card Shop IV: Oh Shit Don’t I Know You

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Dunne has 25 career wins.

In 1988 he was second in the National League in wild pitches and walks.

He also blew chunks on the 1st day of school.

And drives a two door explorer.

On another note, I have been listening to this song on repeat all morning…

Yea its dope, you know it.

Spread your love and fly Mike D, 25 years old my mother god-bless her soul..


Card Shop III: Go-lic Yourself

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Who recognizes this guy?


Damn big Mike! Makin’ fools bleed on the uni.

Wonder what he’s up to these days..