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Star Wars pwns Star Trek

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OK nerds, it’s settled.


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And the next classic movie from my childhood to be ruined issss…..

Posted in Movies, News with tags , , , , , , on April 28, 2009 by Production Team

Drop Dead Fred.

Yep, the wacky, hilarious, creepy and sad movie about an annoying, provocative invisible friend named Fred is being remade.

Not much about the movie has surfaced, except that the man chosen for the lead role of Fred will be Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Russell Brand, who did a great job in that role but I’m not sure how I feel about him filling the shoes of.. uh, whoever the.. Rik Mayall. Yea, Rik Mayall, my hero.

He seems more Scissorhands than Fred.

Here’s hoping it’s at least watchable.


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“My Style Is Impetuous, My Story Is Documentarious…”

Posted in Movies, Video with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 23, 2009 by Production Team

This might give Stallone a run for his money for shoulda-got-Best-Picture, when next year’s Oscars are said and done.

If this movie doesn’t intrigue you, you’re not human.


An Earth Day Message From The State Trooper

Posted in Movies, Video with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 22, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego

The Earth Day lesson is…litter. It creates jobs and generates revenue.


Gorillaz Heart Bananaz

Posted in Movies, Music, News with tags , , , , on April 20, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego


Gorillaz just dropped a revealing documentary entitled “Bananaz” about the geniuses behind the animated concept band and some insight into their creative process.

If it involves Damon Albarn, it’s gonna rock. And it does, so it will.

Watch the full documentary here.


What Happened to Your Discretion/Career?

Posted in Movies with tags , , , on April 18, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego

img00216-20090418-14181Everyone has wondered what the hell has Nicolas Cage been thinking the past few years. According to movie critics, his movies lately have been straight dog shit.

Something looked out of the ordinary as I drove past one of my favorite theaters. Apparently they could not wait to pull Cage’s latest classic, “Knowing,” off the reels, so they went ahead and got the largest label maker known to man and pasted the replacement movie (which I hear isn’t bad) over Cage’s marquee.

Sad dude, real sad. I thought I would recap the highlights of Nic Cage’s Academy Award winning career…

Raising Arizona (1987)
Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
The Rock (1996)
Con Air (1997)
Face/Off (1997)
Snake Eyes (1998)
8MM (1999)
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)
Adaptation. (2002)
Matchstick Men (2003)
National Treasure (2004)
Lord of War (2005)
The Weather Man (2005)
The Wicker Man (2006)
Ghost Rider (2007)
Next (2007)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)
Bangkok Dangerous (2008)
Knowing (2009)

What a downward trajectory.

Personally, I am anxiously awaiting his next few films…he’s doing voiceovers in the upcoming animated movies G-Force and Astro Boy.
So badass.

Fire your agent holmes.


Coming Soon: The Greatest Movie of All Time

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Do I care what this movie is about? Hell no.

If there was any question about whether I was going to see this flick, Stallone’s body sealed the deal…


…and boom goes the dynamite.

If you ever need a solid endorsement for HGH, it is this picture. The man is 62 years old. 

Enough about Sly’s physique. The movie, “The Expendables” is written, directed, and starring the man himself.

But what you don’t see here is the amazing rumored cast.  Are you kidding me?!?!

First off, Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa reunite.
Second, The Governator.
Third, one WWF and one UFC heavyweight champ.
Fourth, Mickey Rourke.

That is just a few of many rumored cast members.

This could be epic…deploying April 23rd, 2010.


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