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Gluttony XI: Macarons vs. Macaroons

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IMG00137-20090831-2313French macarons are a recent addition to my life. Before it was strictly the coconut-based deli bakery-style macaroon.

Ever since this watershed moment, the two delectable pastries have been vying for my heart’s love.

I was immediately a fan of the assortment of flavors one could find with these sweet treats (Paulette in Beverly Hills provided the above dozen), but the fresh coconut in a chocolate dipped macaroon still takes the cake. Although the French are determined to win me over with their chocolate dipped macaron ice cream sandwich.

Stay tuned for further developments in this battle for one man’s heart.


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Gluttony X: You Got Self-Served

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IMG00279-20090517-2209Part of a balanced breakfast.


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Gluttony IX: Unnecessary Combinations

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Why Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, why must you run out of ideas to the point that you go and create something like this?

Few questions…
How do you hold/eat it? Would I want to add ketchup? Does Rubio’s even carry ketchup in their restaurants? They shouldn’t.
Mayo? Mustard? Can I get it animal style?

Hold up. These questions should not even exist.

Ketchup and mayo in a taco?…Rubio’s has gone and straight fucked up a bunch of shit. Now I’m pissed.


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Gluttony VIII: A Soupy Surprise

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Yes, it looks the same going down as it does coming back up.

Widely considered the place to go for fish and shrimp tacos, Tacos Baja in East Los Angeles is a staple of the LA taco scene.

They serve all types of seafood and one way to try them all is in the mixed seafood soup. They might as well call it “all-encompassing seafood soup” because it felt like I was on a crusade against underwater overpopulation.

From what I could gather what went down was something like this: shrimp, scallops, octopus, abalone, clams, sea snail, and a hunk of unidentifiable fish.

Throw in some of these to make it hot fire… 


Gluttony VII: Where Fries Go To Die

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Rocksoft calls it Gluttony Part Seven, others call it Asada Fries Heaven…


What you see is the Mexican version of an Irish version of a Mexican dish.

Popular in the southernmost portions of California, Asada Fries are slowly making their way north.

Just replace the tortilla chips in nachos with fries. Pretty simple. Just make sure you got the carne asada on there. 

The Irish version typically uses bacon or chili and waffle cut fries…


Confused? Use the following formulas to determine what you are eating…

Chips + Cheese = Nachos
Waffle Cut Fries + Cheese + Bacon/Chili = Irish Nachos
Fries + Cheese + Carne Asada = Asada Fries


Gluttony VI: Porky Pig R.I.P.

Posted in Gluttony with tags , , , , , , , , on March 11, 2009 by Enrique Enfuego

I see your meat baby and raise you a porked-out pig…


Once it’s cooked, it looks way less appetizing…


And I’m definitely keeping my eyes closed when slicing into this guy…


I hope that got your appetite going for the day.

Via Porktopia


Gluttony V: Jonathan Swift’s Dreams Answered

Posted in Gluttony, Rated R with tags , , , , , on March 2, 2009 by Production Team

Next time your baby brother Charlie bites you, teach him a lesson in Darwinism by showing him this:

That’ll shape him up, guaranteed.

Via Holytaco


Update: Anyone investigating the source of this photo should start with these people, as well as a scolding of whoever made this.