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Cover Art XII: From Bulgaria With Love

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Stevie Wonder’s 19?? release “Greatest Hits”


We do not know much about this mysterious Stevie Wonder compilation, but here is what we do know….

It is a Bulgarian release.
It is strictly 80’s Stevie.
It has sleeveface potential.

The vinyl art is pretty sick as well…



Cover Art XI: Deathiversary

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Alice In Chains’ 1999 release “Nothing Safe

az_1809_nothing-safe-the-best-of-the-box-enhanced-cd_alice-in-chainsShit’s intense, right?

It caught my eye. Also caught my ear.

It is not your typical greatest hits album, but it sure as hell is a great one.

The cover art is just as eerie as the music found inside.

Today is the 7th anniversary of Alice In Chains’ frontman Layne Staley’s death. Another damn shame in music.

I have had this one stuck in my head for a good while now, solid vocal harmonization…


Cover Art X: Let’s Do This

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Ice Cube‘s 1990 release “Kill At Will


The best aspect of this album was that it felt like you were accepting Cube’s .38 special upon purchase. I can’t think of any other album that gave me the feeling of going to war after leaving my local Tower Records. That, along with the “Parental Advisory” label, was every elementary school kid’s dream. Rebellion in disc form.

Only a 7-track EP, Kill At Will, was more of an extension of his solo debut album , AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, than an actual sophomore solo effort. He had many more great records to come. And a shit load of gangsterness to go with it.


Cover Art IX: Blue Notes Not From Blue Note

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Bobby Timmons’ 1964 release “From The Bottom

ojccd-1032-2bobby-timmons-from-the-bottom-postersI realize that I shouldn’t be blogging about music I no longer listen to, but rather the real timeless classics.

Here is a profile shot of my main man Bobby Timmons, the most soulful pianist to grace the ebony and ivory.

You can see the stylistic difference between this and any of the Blue Note covers we have featured thus far.

Watch and listen to his soulful stylings.


Cover Art VIII: Rolling Rumps and Winding Sides

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Lee Morgan‘s 1965 release “The Rumproller


Now this dude put the trumpet on BLAST! If you don’t feel jazz, or think that jazz begins and ends with Miles, then give Lee a listen. This cat was on another level.

Not his best album, but the cover just might be his best. Another classic Blue Note look. This may be the only album of his not to feature his good looks as well. No need to read into the album title, but he clearly likes doing things, as the title of his most popular album suggests…


Lee also got hungry every now and then… 


Lee played with the best of them, up until his wife came on stage and capped his ass in front of a live audience.

Only 33 years old…damn shame.



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Just came across a pretty boss website called Sleeveface



I would ramshackle Paul’s girl there… WITH sleeveface attached.


Cover Art VII: Raising the Stoges

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(In response to Cover Art V)


Our Man
[In Paris they have loved our jazz for some time. Two French cultural monuments to jazz include the 1958 film Elevator to the Gallows (scored by Miles Davis and bop pioneer Kenny Clarke) and 1986s ‘Round Midnight (starring Long Tall Dexter himself, w/ cameos by Herbie Hancock and Freddie Hubbard)].


Mode for Joe

On the subject of oral fixations and one-upsmanship …

2 Saxophones, 1 Mouth? Easy, let’s talk 3.