Texts From Last Night

I’m pretty sure I just found my new favorite time-killing website. You know those text messages you send and then instantly regret? Or the ones you receive late-night, randomly that make you feel slightly uncomfortable? Well,  someone created a site for you and everyone else in the world to post these classic text messages. You have to sift through them, but there are definitely some golden texts in there.

Some of my favorites so far

(614): She said I could do whatever I wanted to her. I pumped for 20 seconds, apologized, rolled over and passed out. I sit directly across from her at work. Awkward?

(478): So my roomate was sunbathing this morning on the porch with a sock covering his penis
(410): Sounds like a really classy character….
(478): He is classy. It was argyle.

(512): Can Purell be used as lube?

(661): Kirsten Dunst is sitting next to me in a bar in NYC
(831): Tell her I want my money back for Elizabethtown.

(857): seriously iPhone. stop autocorrecting all my fucks into ducks. you’re making all my strong worded texts look harmless and adorable.

(925): i think i just met the girl of my dreams. someone made a serious statement about rape and she said “pish posh, i love surprise sex”


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One Response to “Texts From Last Night”

  1. d money Says:

    that is some funny shit!!! keep posting good ones! this is like the best of craigslist

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