Cover Art V: Look At Me Again, I’ll End Your Life

Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers‘ 1964 release “Indestructible

k1-22If this doesn’t epitomize an era, then I don’t know what does. More than a half of a century later, this shit still spells ‘i don’t give a fuck about your life’ harder than your favorite rapper’s pantalones. And whoever drew up the font for the album name deserves at least 50% of the profit from this record because you know dudes are just buying this because it looks so ridiculously fresh. Goddamn, let that cigarette burn you son of a bitch, you deserve it.

P.S. This album isn’t by any means Blakey’s best, but his supporting cast would give you a beat down in the pharmaceutical line at CVS in a heartbreak. But you wouldn’t know about that, now would they, RVG?



2 Responses to “Cover Art V: Look At Me Again, I’ll End Your Life”

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