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It’s That Time Again

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Which artists have you willing to drop $269?



Throwback Thursdays

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Every Thursday we hope to provide the loyal Rocksoft readership with a blast from the past in athletic apparel. And why start off slow? 

Here’s a personal favorite…


How can you deny that 80’s skyline/mountain range/ rainbow sunset combination? Mutombo’s fade seals the deal.

Home uni  not too shabby either.


Cover Art: A New Rocksoft Series

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The first installment of a running series showcasing the dopest, lesser-known album covers from decades past. I present to you Stevie Wonder’s first self-produced album Where I’m Coming From (1971)…


A wise man once told me, “It’s all in the font.”


Sky High in Dubai

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Last week the Burj Dubai, the tallest structure ever built, reached its final height, 818 meters or just over a half mile.  Imagine the Empire State Building stacked on top of itself.


The damage a penny could cause from the top of this monster.



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Imagine stepping into a buddy’s house, and this thing was just kicking it in the corner of the kitchen. “His 4.7 liter keg body, chrome tractor headlight dome, vintage shoe polisher legs and mini bread loaf pan feet have proven popular with the over-21 crowd” …Fucking robots.

Nike Air Max 90 is Delicious

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And nutritious.


The McFuture with Extra Padding

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He is gesturing for the new aorta he will be needing.

“Those ventricles are trans-PHAT!”